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Your brand's online strategy

The playing field is consistently evolving. Social Media has provided new avenues for marketers. Newsflash social media can reach other parts of your marketing strategy and turnover newly undiscovered targeted audiences. Reach specific audiences by looking at their self-reported interests, activities, skills, pages/users they have engaged with, etc. With behavioral targeting, you can reach people based on purchase behaviors or intents and/or device usage.

Did you know 63 percent of consumers buy from a company they consider authentic? It's about creating an online voice that is humanhelpful, reliable and one that resonates with your target audience. Your brand's online tone should be a replica of your company. The goal is to engage with your loyal brand followers, as well as add conversions by encouraging engagement.

Present the good and bad aspects of your experiences in a balanced way, that’s an accurate reflection of reality. Cultivate an attitude of genuine pleasure in customer satisfaction. Be clear. Pair self-promotion with expressing gratitude to others.