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Our team is made up of diverse individuals with various backgrounds, passionate about doing good work with good people. It's simple – treat others how you'd want to be treated.

Lauren Bogle

Founder/Owner, Creative Director and Brand Strategist

What do you get when you mix a Cum Laude Red Raider, broadcast sports reporter and creative-minded social media genius? Me! Not only can I school anybody on topics ranging from Snapchat to sports, agriculture to advertising, I execute strategies for client social media accounts and ensure that the client is on the forefront of the local advertising scene. Changing algorithms, viral trends and media platforms emerging from nowhere is a typical day in the life of a social media specialist. I love taking on the challenge of the ever changing digital marketing landscape.

What do you love most about your job?

Seeing those around me light up. I am a glorified coach and I love that because that has always been the best job I ever had. I like to understand what makes people tick and motivate them to bring out the best in them and to dream big and be fearless in their personal and professional pursuit. I see myself coaching more people internally while our team grows and also more public speaking opportunities."

You wake up from being frozen after 100 years. What's the first thing you say?

"Give me a green chili cheeseburger and where are my dogs?"

What gets you fired up?

Sports, agriculture and pop culture.

Kylie Mills

Director of Content & Strategy

I've trekked through some of the toughest terrains in the world, went toe-to-toe with my fair share of haters in Washington, DC, and have won a crown or two in my rodeo queen days, but nothing excites me more than finding the perfect detail in a brand/person and turning it into a story for people to hear. I'm passionate about those I represent and get to find those little intricacies that make each brand so special. For me, it's not about developing award-winning campaigns, though I have my fair share, but about putting a face to a brand. No matter the ever-changing media cycle, the rapid pace of viral trends or just the everyday happenings, I'm constantly hustling to stay ahead of the game and to know exactly who I need to talk to.

What are your professional and personal goals?

Personally, I love traveling, so I'd like to hit all 50 states by 35... this was originally 30, but life. I'd also like to visit all seven continents. We shall see. Professionally, I want to be an effective story teller. I love getting the opportunity to work with people and brands to get their story out into the world, so a goal of mine is to always keep finding new stories and new ways to tell those stories. I'd also really love to manage a brand for a musician (AKA I wish I was Tree Paine), and also give a TED Talk.


What's the hardest lesson you've had to learn?

That everyone doesn't have to like you or think you're great. While this applies both personally and professionally, I had to learn this the hard way in the professional realm and it was tough. Just because you are or were great somewhere else doesn't mean that you have earned the respect or admiration at you new place of work. That was tough pill to swallow.

If you were a bagel, what type of bagel would you be?

Everything bagel, because I'm a classic that has a lot of varying tastes.

Hope Untz

Social Media Manager

Mix creativity and a desire for knowledge, a dash of determination, a splash of numbers, and a pinch of sprinkles together to get Hope. From a young age, I have always been drawn to things that allow me to be the best of myself. My favorite way to do this is storytelling! I love the ability to enter different aspects of the world and human experience to tell a story whether written, vocally, or visually. The world is ever-changing and so are its stories. I love to learn how to make sure each one of them is told in the best way for everyone to understand. 

What made you choose this career path?

I always knew I wanted to do something in communication. I love to connect with people. After completing my Intro to Advertising class at UT Arlington and joining the UTA chapter of AAF, I knew working in an advertising agency was where I wanted to be.

What are you known for?

My laugh. Sometimes you need to sit back and have a good laugh. 

If you could have dinner with anyone from history, who would it be? 

Abraham Lincoln. He was always my go-to person to do reports on in school and I have found his life interesting.

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