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The Bogle Breakdown

It's been an interesting summer. Typically, things cool off in the summer, and I have to remind myself to stay calm, patient, and have faith. Good things come to good people doing good business for the greater good. And I still wholeheartedly believe that.

Owning this business for five years, I've seen and lived through the ebb and flow. At one point in time, we had 16 clients, and now we have five. I have always been nervous about truncating our clientele because you never know what will happen, and I have salaries to protect. In saying that, that is always why I've been conservative personally with my own livelihood. Thanks to inflation that is easier said than done.

I didn't start this business to get rich. I started this business to provide clients with quality agency work while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. It can be done, but not when you don't put in the sweat and tears to create the life I wanted. In an effort to build trust, I had to put in the sweat equity to earn our clients' respect. And for that, I'm enterally grateful.

Being an entrepreneur is not a glorious lifestyle. When I started building this business, I was sleeping probably about two to three hours per night, which is what it took. It's a surreal moment that I have to take a step back and appreciate how far this agency has come after what it has been through. Essentially, being on a rodeo circuit and tour for years to shoot, gather, and edit all content, so it was as current as possible, was exhausting, but damn, we have some great memories and lessons we took away from those experiences and opportunities. And we still, especially myself, don't know it all.

Looking back, I may have laid some better boundaries and protected my peace a bit better, but wisdom comes from experience. I have not let too many people take advantage of myself and my agency. I heard it from all of my business mentors to help me from getting burnt out. Since sprinting down this path, I'm still not "burnt out." Nevertheless, I had to take care of myself, and I'm proud to say I have this year.

I love where I'm at, and I love where this agency currently sits. It's strong, stable, and has longevity/sweat equity to continue to grow its potential. I'm very active on social to show all the behind-the-scenes and finished products to take you on this journey with us. And if you have not checked it out, here is a shameless plug to follow along. If you're interested in pursuing this, please reach out. I would love to share my lessons along this journey. And I wish you all the best as this world, particularly this industry, has so much to offer if you run with it and keep looking ahead. The future is bright, my friends!



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