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The Bogle Agency Celebrates 2 Years of Authentic Digital Advertising

Achievements include rebranding, new hires and new client acquisition


Contact: Lauren Bogle

FORT WORTH, Texas (May 20, 2019) Fort Worth-based Bogle Agency, a digital advertising agency, today celebrates 2 years in business. The agency has grown from a one-woman operation to a thriving company with three employees, eight contractors, interns and consultants, and clients throughout the Southwest in industries ranging from fuel to real estate.

Agency achievements include:

+ 16 active clients, including Reeder Distributors, Bogle Ltd., The Perry Group, Karr-Kostohryz, Spirit Snob, Parks of Aledo and Village Homes

+ ~360 billable hours per month

+ Countless hours spent working late at client Byblos Lebanese Mediterranean Restaurant

On top of client successes, The Bogle Agency also took home 3 ADDYs in 2019’s American Advertising Awards in Fort Worth, and established the Bogle Agency Creative Scholarship at Texas Tech University.

“I’m immensely proud of what this team has achieved in just two years,” said Lauren Bogle, agency principal. “We serve our clients well, we give back to the community and we have a little fun doing it. The next two years will hold even more growth and success for this agency.”

About The Bogle Agency

The Bogle Agency is a Fort Worth-based digital advertising agency. Specialties and experience includes social media and integrated strategies, photography and video production, production management, public relations, creative and communications. We embrace attitudes, ideas, images and perspectives. For more information, email




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