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The Bogle Agency Announces Promotion and Hire

Team continues to build strengths in digital and content marketing

FORT WORTH, Texas (November 8, 2019) Fort Worth-based Bogle Agency, a digital advertising agency, today announces changes in staff with Julie Nguyen being promoted to Director of Digital Marketing. This growth in staff demonstrates the agency’s dedication to innovation, client service, and developing a unique expertise that clients value.  

“Developing our team members and their skillsets is a priority at this agency,” said Lauren Bogle, agency principal. “Julie’s new role will help us serve our clients more effectively and efficiently. I anticipate continued success for her.”

“Having a digital marketing director allows us to provide strategic, industry-leading digital marketing services to our clients,” said Nguyen. “I’m looking forward to seeing where this change will take us, and how it will affect the agency’s synergy and energy for any challenge thrown our way.”

Nguyen previously served as Director of Account Service at The Bogle Agency. Equipped with skills in account service, customer service and communication, Nguyen now adds digital marketing to her purview. She has over five years experience in advertising and cabinet and executive leadership, and she attended the University of Texas at Austin. 


About The Bogle Agency

The Bogle Agency is a Fort Worth-based digital advertising agency. Specialties and experience includes social media and integrated strategies, photography and video production, production management, public relations, creative and communications. We embrace attitudes, ideas, images and perspectives. For more information, email

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