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SXSW Through the Eyes of Julie

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

By: Julie Nguyen

This year, our team attended SXSW 2019 as an agency for the first time. Before moving back to Fort Worth, I attended UT and lived in Austin for 5 years, so it was nostalgic and refreshing to be back in the weird city that I will cherish forever.

It was a jam-packed 5 days for our team. We got to engage in both interesting and tough conversations that envoked challenging agency norms, women empowerment, and overall, the value that we can bring to the industry based on personal experiences. I learned plenty, but what my one takeaway was simple: brand or be branded.

Deb Gabor, CEO of Sol Marketing shared her insight with us on "Getting Your Customer Laid and Sell Anything."

Gabor peaked an interesting thought: "Branding is sex." It needs differentiation that is meaningful, and "because you can't see, feel or touch a brand, it's up to everyone else in the world to define your brand." In other words – if you don't brand yourself, everyone else will do it for you. Branding is a chance to share your story as an opportunity to connect with like-minded people that helps establish your brand. In the words of Gabor, "You have a brand whether you like it or not, so why not take control of it?"

So what's the Bogle Agency's brand? We're just some human beings who wanna work with other human beings. And we're funny too.



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