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SXSW - Creativity Everywhere All at Once

Lee Littlefield, Creative Director

As a self-proclaimed futurist, it's pretty crazy that I've never taken it upon myself to go to the interactive first week of SXSW. But there's always a first time for everything!

I'm fortunate that Bogle Agency prioritizes continued education and staying relevant in the marketplace. Thanks to our culture, we found ourselves in the thick of it in Austin, Texas, at this year's "HEY WE'RE BACK"-version of the 35-year tradition-SXSW.

When I arrived Friday morning, I was able to see crews applying the final touches to different activations and experiences. For a short time, I was also able to witness all the saran-wrapped public surfaces before they became overstuffed with posters, flyers, and decals. What stayed with me (a sheltered East Texas child) was how many of my fellow pedestrians were not English speaking. The wide world of tech and future-hungry fans filled the city hour-by-hour. I could feel the energy of the experience starting to make the city hum.

I took it all in! From a successful scrappy low-budget ploy to encourage Nick Cage to make a phone call to a SIGNIFICANTLY financed activation from Amazon Prime Video to celebrate a diverse and shapely future, I learned as much as I could. After attending 20+ world-class lectures and panels, my favorite involved WWE SuperStar Charlotte Flair clarifying NFTs and why they're valuable. I left Austin drenched in creativity and inspiration and came back to Fort Worth ready to apply everything I learned but maybe not all at once.

PS - We have some time before we need to put lots of dollars into Extended Reality (XR). That's right! VR is so last year, people.

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