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Gettin' Snobby in Austin, Texas

By: Alexia Montana

July 11, 2019

Last Thursday, I got to go on my first fieldwork day with the agency! It was an amazing trip for multiple reasons. We got to spend the day in the beautiful and exciting city of Austin. I’ve been wanting to go to Austin since I moved here a couple of years ago, and was finally getting the chance!

It was insightful seeing our videographer and photographer Hayley behind the camera. I had heard so much about her and her phenomenal work, and was finally going to meet her. I hadn’t realized how much thought and strategy goes into videography. There were always so many different components and moving pieces to a shot. Sometimes, we had to change shot directions because of light and wind - things you can’t really prepare for. But, the way Hayley was able to work around those challenges and adapt to the environment was exceptional. Some people think that they can just pick up a camera and an editing application, and easily put together a good video. I can now tell you there’s so much more to it than just that.

We also had the opportunity to model for our client – Spirit Snob. We got to see, feel and style the actual product, which apparently has an endless amount of ways in which it can be worn. The product is amazing. However, I’ve never been a big fan of being photographed, so I was actually a bit outside my comfort zone modeling. I was nervous to look awkward and ruin the shots, but that nerve actually passed pretty quick. Everyone was really supportive and helped me feel more comfortable. It was definitely easier to do it together than it would’ve been to model alone. Hayley also helped by directing shots that felt comfortable for me.

Lastly, of course the long car rides, food truck meals, and the hot Texas weather served as a bonding experience. I feel like I got to know everyone a little bit better. I mean of course there was always something to talk about! I really valued the trip and overall experience. I got to see somewhere new and meet some new people along the way. I hope I get to go on another fieldwork trip again soon.



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