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Dear Bogle Agency by Integrated Digital Intern, Alexia Montana

Dear Bogle Agency,

And just like that, three months have passed and my internship has come to an end. Many unexpected and exciting things came my way during my time with y’all at Bogle Agency. From a road trip to Austin, TX to new client meetings and weekly coffee shop work days, this summer has been filled with new experiences all around. From all my internship offers, I chose to work here because of the people. From my interview at Brewed with Lauren and Julie, I felt like I would be a good fit in the team and I’m so glad you felt the same way! I feel confident saying I’ve pretty much done a little bit of everything since I started back in May.

I will say my first day was a little bit overwhelming. I mean the amount of work that each of you do is honestly insane, but you get it done together and on time. I’ve always been a firm believer in teamwork and considering different perspectives, so I was really happy to see the amount of collaboration that occurs in this office. It took me a few days to organize myself and my tasks, but with Julie’s help, she and I were able to establish a system of priorities and projects. It was a little frustrating at first feeling like I was being slow and inefficient, but I came to realize that it was a learning curve and about getting comfortable and confident in my abilities. It used to take me a what seemed like days to complete a content calendar, but once I got comfortable with a client’s tone it feels like no time at all now.

Many opportunities have been presented to me. I’ve gotten to model a product for a client in Austin, photograph a behind-the-scenes shoot, and attend an AAF Fort Worth speaker event. I had no idea that any of these experiences would be in my future when I accepted the internship, but I’m really glad they were. All of you pushed me outside my comfort zone and encouraged me to take charge with some projects. The work environment here helped me gain some confidence in my decisions and opinions, and I feel like I was able to grow personally and professionally. Going forward I think this experience will help me be more confident in my designs and artistic decisions. I have no idea where my career will go in the future, but I feel like I’ve gained a wide variety of skills from this internship that add value to me as an employee. As I look ahead, I hope to continue gaining invaluable skills and building confidence in my abilities.

Lastly, I just want to say thank you for all the opportunities you’ve presented me with and all your support. I’m so glad I was able to work with each of you and improve my skills with your guidance. I’m sad to go, but so grateful for this past summer. You know where to find me!

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