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Creative Director, Holly attends SXSW for first time

By: Holly Aldriedge

For several years now, I have been wanting to attend SXSW and I finally got to go. I didn’t know what to expect, only that it was sure to be fun and engaging. I came back with several golden nuggets of insight. Below are some takeaways from some of my favorite conferences.

Austinpreneur: Fearless Women in Action

• Look fear in the eye and keep moving

• Be bold and take risks

• Make dreams into goals by taking small bites

• Reach beyond your bubble (people, comfort, etc.)

• Make failure matter

Achieving Gender Equity in Design Leadership

• (Many times) men are evaluated on potential and women on their resume

• If there is an opportunity to speak, present, etc. jump on it.

• Eliminate the word “just” from your vocabulary (“I just wanted to run this by you really quick”) You are essentially apologizing when you don’t need to

• Push yourself out of your comfort zones

Design Thinking

• Demands we study people

• Look through the eyes of others

• Have empathy

• Look for desire line

Creativity in the Age of Invention

• Brand or be branded

• Defining core brand DNA (Self expressive benefits, emotional benefits, functional benefits) • Brand values - today's option packages are tomorrows standard equipment (no invention will stay “special”. Your brand value is based on expressive and emotional benefits)

• What is the singular benefit customers get from you that they cant get from anyone else?



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