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A Letter from first Bogle Agency Texas Tech CASNR Creative Scholarship Recipient, Codi Clark

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Dear Ms. Bogle,

My name is Codi Clark. I'd like to begin by saying thank you so much. Your scholarship contribution is helping me to attain my dreams. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I am a very enthusiastic person about anything that interests me. I love people. I love being in nature. I love telling stories through photos and words.

Because of these passions, I came to Texas Tech to pursue an agricultural communications major along with a minor in natural resource management. With these degrees, I plan on combining all my loves and pursuing a career as a photojournalist with my main focus revolving around conservation-based work. I am also considering becoming a professor of practice in this field or one day creating a come-to-you lecture series based in this field for various colleges across the country.

I come from a rural, agricultural background. I spent my entire childhood life in 4-H and have grown up ranching and helping neighboring farmers during harvest season. I am a fifth generation to grow up on my family land and that has lived in my childhood home. I reign from a long line of hardworking ranchers, sharecroppers, and blue-collar factory workers. I understand the importance that sustainable agriculture plays for the world's population and the environment itself. I also know just how hard sustainable agriculture is in practice for the men and women actually working in the fields and pastures.

I'm very passionate about our environment and conserving everything that it gives us. Whether it's lumber, coal, water, our field crops, the many plant and animal species that grace our planet, or the sheer joy of being outside, the world around us offers so much.

I hope that I can become a connecting voice for environmentalism and agriculture as I continue on into the future. I have spent my entire life working and recreating outdoors and have dreams of doing such for many years to come. Thank you once again for contributing to my dreams and future. I don't have the words to express how grateful I am.

Yours truly,

Codi Clark

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