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A Bird's Eye View: The Growth of Bogle Agency

When I began my career at Bogle Agency only a year out of college, I thought I was getting ready to test out my new skills and dip my toes into agency life. Little did I know that I would be skipping the toe-dipping to head straight for the diving board. Fast forward two years and 50+ accounts worked on later, I’m still in awe of how much this agency has grown and what we’ve accomplished in that amount of time.

In my two short years at Bogle Agency, we have:

  • Changed our name and branding to better communicate our capabilities

  • Witnessed our founder, Lauren Bogle, survive a near death experience

  • Moved in and out of our first office space in Near Southside

  • Been recognized at the AAF Fort Worth American Advertising Awards twice

  • Experienced a worldwide pandemic that affected the industry

  • Have doubled in size with no stopping now

In March 2020, we officially added Kylie Mills, Director of Content and Strategy and Haley Sparks, Content Strategist to the team in order to fully service the clients we had gained. Starting out with a few local clients and familiar favorites, we have since gotten our hands on international, national and regional accounts including Reeder Distributors, Quail-Tech Alliance, Parks of Aledo, River & Blues Festival, Smarty Roping, BFP Inc, IMFAB Inc, Green Gold Growers, and Barking Hound Village. We also stayed connected to our communities through working with nonprofits such as Susan G Komen Greater Fort Worth®, DFW Rescue Me, Kibble and Cocktails and RaiseUp Families. By helping them grow their business, we were simultaneously growing ours and before we knew it, we were moving offices and officially beginning our new chapter.

What started out as a small business offering social media services has now grown into the full-service advertising force you know today as Bogle Agency. By fully immersing ourselves in the different industries and every opportunity we had, the referrals continued coming in. It also helped that our work began to speak for itself. Every choice that’s been made, and the individuals met along the way has impacted the growth of our agency in some shape or form. The more we learned about our clients and the constantly moving world around us, the more we were able to define our own values and where we saw the future of the agency heading.

If you ask me honestly, we didn’t get to where we are by playing nice and easing by, and we have the battle scars to prove it. Hiking at 3am to track down quail, following the rodeo circuit across America, and helping to put on a music festival all in the midst of COVID-19 are only a few. Walking away from toxic relationships, escaping perceptions, standing up for our work, and having to protect our livelihoods are some of the other challenges we’ve faced and conquered. In the agency world, there are as many losses as there are wins. And honestly, you need the losses as you can’t learn unless you fail, and we are always a work in progress. Agency growth is not about coming out on top when things are easy, but how you come out as a team through adversity and hardship.

There is no secret sauce to dealing with growth. But if there were… it would probably say something along the lines of: count your blessings, never settle for less than you deserve, and put in the hard work - a lot of hard work. Hard work doesn’t just mean the extensive campaign planning, quick turnaround times or putting in the long hours (though we do that too). Hard work means putting in the real time and effort in understanding and embracing our strengths and opportunities for growth to better achieve our goals, as individuals and as a collective whole.

Growth of an agency is not just physical and financial. Our growth is a mere reflection of the conscious decisions we make everyday to do better, and be better for ourselves and for our clients. I am proud to work for an agency that understands the power of looking from within. Through all the trekking and the mud, still we rise. I am excited to see where the industry will take Bogle Agency for years to come!



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