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Stepping Into 2021 With A Drive For Success

I think we can all agree that 2020 was not a walk in the park. It brought unforeseen challenges and heartache to our friends, family, and companies, especially small businesses. We all did our best to lend a helping hand and support our communities, but many local small businesses could not survive the burden that 2020 brought.

This got me thinking about the new year and how I could impact those businesses and communities to recover from the unforeseen challenges of 2020. As a content strategist, I research and strategize plans based on trends and data patterns, and I utilized these skills to create a plan for 2021. My resolution is to step into 2021 with a drive for success, not only for myself but also for the businesses and communities still struggling. My goals to make this resolution happen are simple: research, strategize, and execute.

Goal 1: Research industries impacted by 2020

My first goal to further my resolution has been to research industries impacted the most by the pandemic. It became apparent that bars and restaurants had the most closures throughout the year and needed the most help. The shutdown made it nearly impossible for these businesses to pay their staff, pay their bills, and buy new supplies. It also made them cut their marketing and advertising costs to keep themselves afloat. While this is very understandable, advertising is a necessary evil in our world today. If people can't find you online and see that you have recent content, they will begin to doubt your credibility.

Goal 2: Strategize a plan to make an impact

My second goal is to strategize a plan to make an impact. After my research phase, it was time to dive into creating my plan. How could I help these companies? How could I be a breath of fresh air to these people who desperately need it? The answer is simple. I needed to reach out and offer a lending hand.

Often people are headstrong, I know I am, and refuse to ask for help or don't know who to ask when they need it. This is why I have decided to seek out local companies each month and offer a helping hand. I have the skills and expertise that could help them, and every connection I make will teach me something new. Whether or not they choose to take my help, they will have my name in the back of their head if they change their mind.

This goal is ongoing as the more I reach and the more I interact with these people and businesses, the more knowledge I will have when approaching the next. The thing with strategy is it is continually evolving and adapting. You have to have trial and error to make your plan successful. I intend to adapt and grow with each trial and error experience I have.

Goal 3: Execute, reach out, make a change

My last goal is to execute my plan. It will be a process and a learning experience, but I am excited about the challenge! I am excited about the people and relationships I will build throughout this year and the new skills I will build because I reached out. I may not make a huge change, but I can try to make a change in how I view my community and the businesses that surround me.

Resolutions are much more successful when you have people participating with you! Everyone has a different idea of what their resolutions for this year might be. You may have different resolutions and goals than I do. Still, if you're curious or if I sparked your interest, I encourage you to reach out to people and businesses in your community and see if you can help them make a change in 2021. I encourage you to step into 2021 with a drive for success with me.

About The Author:

My name is Haley Sparks and I am the Content Strategist at the Bogle Agency. I’m just a 'Plano' girl with a southern heart and a drive for success as big as Texas. My passion for people lead me to Texas Tech University where I had every intention of pursuing a career in law and politics. Quickly into my studies however, I found my true calling and graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Public Relations. PR is the cheese to my wine, and the hot sauce to my taco! This field not only allows me to be a voice for people, but also help them and their organizations to become the best version of themselves. I thrive in high intensity situations and bring a unique outlook into every room I walk into. I know that the secret sauce is building respectful, hospitable, lasting relationships with the client. My goal is to take YOUR vision, dreams, and ideas and give them that extra “Spark” that makes you shine bright.



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